Current Research Projects

2020-2021 Agent-Based Simulation of the Spatial Contagion of the Coronavirus in Israeli Cities, Ministry of Science, Technology and Space (with Yair Grinberger).

2020-2021, Spatio-temporal Epidemiological Modeling of Covid19 Transmission in Israel, Rothschild Foundation, (with Michael Beenstock, David Genesove and Niki Kotsenko).

2022-2024, Assessing the Effectiveness of Non-Pharmaceutical Interventions for Spatial Containment of COVID-19 using Urban Simulation and Machine Learning (with Yair Grinberger and Alexey Voinov UNSW), Zelman Cowen Academic Initatives.

2022-2023  Simulating the Effect of Government Assistance to the Business Sector in the Wake of Covid-19, Pinchas Sapir Economic Forum (with Yair Grinberger).


improved_logo.pngDIM2SEA Project


SpARG - Spatial Analysis Research Group