Current Research

Current Research Projects
2016-2019, Increasing Urban Resilience to Large Scale Disasters: The Development of a Dynamic Integrated Model for DIsaster Management and Socio-Economic Analysis (DIM2SEA), Ministry of Science, Technology and Space, (MOST).

2018-2020, An Algorithm for Identifying the Components of Demand in Local Housing Markets, MAPI- Israel Land Survey (with Yair Grinberger) 

2018-2020, Insurance Thresholds and Mechanisms for Post Disaster Resilience,National Knowledge and Research Center for Emergency Readiness (NKRCER) (with Eran Feitelson and Itai Fishhendler) 

2019-2021,  Estimating the effect of an Earthquake on the Business Sector in the South of Israel. Ministry of Science, Technology and Space (with Joshua Schmidt) 


DIM2SEA Project

SpARG - Spatial Analysis Research Group