Current Research

Current Research Projects

2018-2020, An Algorithm for Identifying the Components of Demand in Local Housing Markets, MAPI- Israel Land Survey (with Yair Grinberger) 200,000SH

2018-2020, Developing a multidimensional methodological tool for evaluating and improving levels of preparation for earthquakes in the small business sector in Israel (with Joshua Schmidt), Ministry of Science, Technology and Space, (MOST) 270,000SH

2019-2020, The Effect of Visibility on Housing Prices: Estimating A Spatial Hedonic Model for Haifa, Alrov Institute for Real Estate Research, 30,000SH

2020, Agent-Based Simulation of the Spatial Contagion of the Coronavirus in Israeli Cities, Ministry of Science, Technology and Space (with Yair Grinberger), 40,000 NS.


DIM2SEA Project

SpARG - Spatial Analysis Research Group